Roni Porat

When it comes to the world of Internet and web design, Arie Zonshine is man ahead of his time. He instinctively senses your needs and creatively transforms them into exactly what you need... and in such a way, you feel it's all the result of your own imagination! I truly had no idea how fascinating, enjoyable and quick the process would be.

I am enjoying the positive reactions I get almost daily and the comments left by so many visitors about the site's professionally enriching contents and easy navigation.

Even people outside of the music industry react to the site's aesthetics and originality. Visitors tend to spend more than average time surfing the various pages.

Once the site was launched, Arie's work did not end. As my work evolves the site requires constant updating. Arie always makes this a priority, gets the work done quickly, with devotion, endless patience and a smile... even for the most capricious of changes.

I am pleased to be able to recommend Arie Zonshine on all levels, professional and personal.

Roni Porat.

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