We are the proud owners of a completely re-branded web site, designed with amazing agility, wisdom and love by Lionways.

From the first moment we understood that Arie and Dana were a great match for us, because of their willingness to recognize that Optoacoustics is not just another technology company, but a true pioneer in its field. We needed a design that showcases our diverse technical capabilities while still focusing on core market messages. Lionways worked closely with us to achieve that and more.

The site not only visually draws our audience into a future with Optoacoustics products, it’s also fun to use. Lionways has thoughtfully created room for the smallest details that can make all the difference in our customers’ buying decisions.

We look forward to growing success from our site and wholeheartedly recommend working with Lionways, a web design company that has clearly performed to our highest expectations and at reasonable cost.

Dr. Yuvi Kahana, CEO
Bob Rosenbaum, Marketing Director

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